Saturday, March 5, 2011

GFCF Randomness

Random bits of information from our GFCF journey...

This is my new favorite lunch. Corn tortilla strips, salsa and half an avocado. I no longer crave bread during the day and boring sandwich lunches are a thing of the past. I found a great GFCF salsa at Sam's Club for a very reasonable price.

Speaking of Sam's Club...I found these crackers there the last time I shopped and they are delicious! I'd eat them even if we weren't on this GFCF plan. They are also much cheaper at Sam's than I had seen them online. Sam's Club - $7.48, Amazon- $13.39 for the same 20 oz. box!

I made a cake using the vanilla cake mix we ordered. We liked the chocolate cake but the vanilla one tasted weird. I had made a GFCF frosting from a recipe I found online but we all decided that it would be better served with fresh strawberries so we'll try that next time instead.

My adult kids gave me a food processor for Christmas and I'm giving it a workout! We've had homemade hashbrowns as part of a hearty breakfast at least once a week. We've discovered some good GFCF cereals but the kids seem to prefer "real food" to start their day now. There have been several days when Bean has had leftovers from the night before as his breakfast.

My mentor GFCF mom told me about where I can order supplements and probiotics at a huge discount and easily find ones that are gluten and casein free. I ordered several products yesterday and I'll write a post after we've tried some.


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