Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I wanted to clean up some leftovers in the refrigerator tonight and I needed a fairly quick meal. Polenta to the rescue!
In case you're not familiar with it, polenta is that funky yellow roll in the front of the picture. It's made from cornmeal. I had never eaten it before we went GFCF but we've had it a few times now, prepared a few different ways, and I like it.
Tonight I cut it into slices and put it in a greased baking dish.

Then I topped some with pizza sauce and some with salsa.

I put pepperoni on some and leftover taco meat on some.

I added olives and 2 kinds of Daiya "cheese" and put it in the oven for 30-40 minutes. I topped a few with cilantro after baking. Everyone had something they liked.

The kids like to take plain pieces of gluten free chocolate cake in their lunches and I didn't have any more pieces of cake in the freezer so it was time to bake again. We each had a piece with some fresh strawberries after supper. A great ending to a good, simple meal.

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  1. Simple for you-I wouldn't know where to begin! I can't believe how quickly you have made the switch and embrassed it! Way to go-



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