Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I scream for non-dairy ice cream

We're craving dairy. Ice cream, specifically.

It used to be an occasional bedtime treat but the GFCF store-bought stuff is pretty expensive. We thought we'd just have to do without...until I found recipes like this one for coconut milk vanilla ice cream! This is the coconut milk we used. Don't be afraid if you notice it is separated and hardened when you open it. That's what it does. Just heat it up in a double boiler (or a monkey rigged double boiler like I use) and it will get all nice and smooth. The only other ingredients are egg yolks and vanilla. (Add those according to the recipe directions.)
Meet our newest appliance. The Cuisinart Ice-21. The inner "freezer bowl" has been in the deep freeze for 24 hours. It's colder than a polar bear's toenails.

Bean wanted to add his favorite chocolate chips. These chips are not cheap so we only added about 1/4 cup.

It was fun to watch the milky ingredients freeze!

The results were nummy and very rich. Bean compared it to the local frozen custard shop he loves to visit in the summer time.
Java asked if we could make chocolate next. She isn't really a vanilla girl.

But we managed to clean the bowl!

I just had a small scoop as I'm trying to lose some weight (almost 20 lbs so far!). It was just enough to satisfy that dairy craving. I think this new appliance is going to get a workout in the warmer months to come!


  1. What kind of ice cream maker did you get?

  2. It's the Cuisinart Ice-21. There is a model that holds 2 quarts but it was more expensive. This one holds 1 1/2 quarts. It worked great for our first try!

  3. coconut ice cream is the best! I can buy it on the street any day so won't be trying it; however, I suggest you try the coconut milk that is in the hygienic cartons...better flavor and less additives. We use it here in place of getting the actual coconut and squeezing out the milk myself (which I have done)and it's a close second to that most fresh method..

    From Bangkok, TH



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