Friday, March 25, 2011

Canned soup and a GF app

Java went to the health food store with me today and she learned how to look for their gluten free label on the shelves. She was very excited about helping me find products.

"Mom, look! We can have chicken noodle soup!"

Java misses soup. Canned soup. Her favorites were chicken noodle and tomato.

I've made lots of homemade soups but I agreed with Java that it would be nice to have a can on hand for a quick lunch. Java asked if I could buy a can of this chicken and rice noodle soup to try it.

She ate the whole thing when we got home.

I downloaded an app on my phone today that scans the UPC symbols of products and lets you know if they are gluten free. We're also casein free so I still need to read labels carefully but at least one step of the process is easier!


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