Sunday, March 20, 2011

GFCF Mac & Cheese

I was hesitant to make it.

Mac & Cheese.

The kids love mac & cheese and I was afraid they'd hate the GFCF version. But they've been I gave it a shot.

Daiya (GFCF) "cheese", vegan "butter", almond milk, and quinoa pasta. You don't get much healthier pasta than quinoa pasta. But would healthy and vegan pass the kid test?

Yes!! They actually fought over the last spoonful!

Here's the recipe:
1 box gluten free pasta cooked according to package
1/4 cup almond milk
4 oz. Daiya "cheddar cheese"
2 T. Earth Balance "butter"
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Yum, this looks good!

    I might have already asked this, but I don't remember on which post. How has this affected your grocery budget? What have you done to keep costs down? When I was gluten free a lot of the "prepared" foods were on average 2-3x more expensive. It was a lot of rice and beans, but I always had a few "just in case" things that I could eat if I was in a pinch. It definitely doubled and tripled my budget, because I was still eating like a poor college kid at the time...


  2. Andrea,
    It was expensive making the switch but it's evening off now that we have the staples purchased. I think we'll be able to keep this up with just a little more than what our former grocery budget was.

    We aren't eating out or ordering pizza anymore so that helps. We bought a quarter beef at less than what we were paying per pound in the grocery store so that's helped, too.

    I bake bread, make and freeze waffles, bake cookies, etc... as we definitely could not afford to be buying those things often.

    It will be interesting to track the amount we spend in the months to come and to compare it to last year. Thanks for the reminder to do that. :-) ~Kari

  3. Funny, when I developed my lactose intolerance, I told myself that one plus side was NEVER HAVING TO EAT THAT STUFF AGAIN. XD

    Randomly, saw this and thought of you.



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