Saturday, March 26, 2011

GF- check. CF- FAIL

I am going to start this post by writing about all the things I did right today, because although GFCF needs to be an all or nothing deal and I feel awful about my mistake, I just had one GFCF screw up. It was my first real blunder since we started this gluten and casein free journey.

But I'll focus on the positives first. I did all these things right today! I...

...restocked my freezer with homemade GFCF meatballs

...baked GFCF bread

...baked GFCF chocolate and vanilla cakes (a few pieces for dessert, the rest for the freezer for lunches)

...made some delicious GFCF ice cream to go with our chocolate cake

...and made some awesome pizza crusts using this recipe using Pamela's GF bread mix!

Venti wasn't home. He was probably out eating real pizza somewhere. StarBUCK and I made a larger pizza to share and Bean and Java each had a personal sized one.

Now here's the screw up.

We needed more GFCF "cheese" so Java went with me to the grocery store. We went to our little health food section and looked for the Daiya cheese alternative for our pizza. That's when I saw the other cheese alternative that is pictured. Rice Shreds. They looked more like real cheese than the Daiya and the bag said "Soy free, gourmet melt, Lactose & Gluten Free".

Lactose free does not mean casein free. I KNOW this and I KNOW how important it is to read labels carefully...but I got all excited at the thought of some better tasting cheese and I bought it without further investigation.

Bean started loading up his pizza. Pepperoni, a cut up meatball...

...and the new "cheese". He tasted it and told me that it was " real cheese!"

I put some on our pizza, too. The Rice Shreds are on the right and the Daiya is on the left. The Rice Shreds looked and tasted more like real mozzarella. I was almost as excited as Bean!

I dished up a piece from each side of the pizza and tried them. The Rice Shreds were definitely my favorite.

Then I read the label to see what they put in this stuff to make it so good. Casein was listed as the second ingredient!


GF- check.

Thankfully Java had elected to have hers without cheese.
At least dessert was fully GFCF. It was delicious, too! Chocolate cake and Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Coconut Pecan frosting...

...served with amazing homemade coconut and almond milk ice cream.

So I screwed up. I hope it doesn't set Bean back too far.
Lesson learned. *Always read the label!*


  1. I don't know if it will make you feel any better but I actually made that exact same mistake- same brand and everything! I think it's kind of misleading to be honest... why would you make something gluten and lactose free but not casein free?? But you live and you learn!
    That cake and ice cream look DELICIOUS too :)

  2. I think you are doing a fantastic job,I have been gluten free for a while longer, but you already have demonstrated way more variety than me (I usually just cook meat and vegetables and/or salads). I can't wait to try cook with Ghee



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