Friday, February 25, 2011

Delivery, dinner, delicious dessert

My GFCF mentor mom showed me how she saves money and orders a lot of gluten free / casein free products online from Amazon. I had never grocery shopped online before but I tried it and I have decided that I kind of like having the UPS guy schlep the groceries to my house for me!

This is only part of what I ordered. I hope the rest will come today.

I decided to keep some cake and bread mixes on hand to make life easier some days, so I ordered the ones pictured above to try. Also pictured above are chicken broth and oats. (*Oats are naturally gluten free but many packaged oatmeals are not because the oats have been stored, processed and packaged in facilities that process gluten grains.)

I had to leave before suppertime last night to facilitate another brand new adoption support group in an area town (yeah!) so I put a roast in my crockpot early in the day and tossed in some new potatoes and carrots during the last hour.

For a treat I made up one of the new GFCF chocolate cake mixes and cut up a few strawberries to put on top. Then I made my escape tearfully bid my children adieu.

I got home after the kiddos were all tucked in and I was hungry because I hadn't eaten supper. I could have gone through a fast food drive thru on my way to the group because, after all, I do not HAVE to eat gluten / casein free. But I don't even want that food any more. Weird.

I did want this food, however.

It was delicious.

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  1. no. way. I JUST last night looked up "gluten free" on amazon and was trying to figure out prices to see if there were any deals there. We live in one of the most expensive places in the US--Monterey Bay, CA, what can I say, God brought us to live in paradise, guess he's planning to foot the bill ; )--and yet we might be able to get GF food a little cheaper than in other parts of the country just because we live in a very healthy food conscious part of the country too. So at first glance those prices on amazon did not look much better--but then again, even if they were the same price as the store, can't beat the free delivery right to your door!!!!

    Please let your readers know if there are certain products you like from amazon, ok? thanks for posting about this! : )



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