Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smoothies & Meatballs

Breakfast in our world used to consist of cereal or toast and milk. It was a gluten and casein bonanza. Now the kids are begging for these...

Fruit smoothies!
We start with coconut or almond milk, add frozen strawberries, banana, pineapple... and some days we add blueberries or other fruit. I will start adding flax seed now that I've got them hooked. Maybe it will help heal this kid's serious case of bedhead.
As you can see by the above picture, Bean likes the smoothies. However, he's found another favorite food and he's been packing it in his lunchbox.


I made a huge batch of GFCF meatballs a few nights ago and froze a lot of them. (I adapted a regular meatball recipe by using gluten free bread crumbs that I made from end pieces of bread and GF crackers.) Bean heats up a few meatballs with tomato sauce and garlic and puts them in his thermos for a hot treat that causes kids around him in the lunch room to remark on how good they smell.

A former personal care attendant stopped by yesterday to visit us and she asked Bean how the GFCF plan was going. He told her it was going great! I never expected this to go so well!


  1. So glad the kids are so on board with the plan! And even enjoying it!

    I strongly urge you to try a green smoothie when your family is ready. Use fresh baby spinach for your first one, and don't feel pressure to put in more than a handful. : ) Fresh or frozen pineapple and green grapes are really sweet and strong flavored fruits that work well with the spinach, and will end up a pretty color (at least the times I've done it). Blueberries and apples are good too, but if you use purple fruit, you will end up with a delightful shade of puce--totally tasty, but I could imagine a little off-putting to kids who are still getting used to new things. ; )

  2. I'm not sure if silken tofu is GFCF, but that's what I use in my smoothies to give the kids a nice boost of protein in the morning. This is one of our all time favorite meals!

    Did you ever see the movie Enemy of the State? In that movie the main character (played by Will Smith) has a really nice blender and he's talking about how he deals with stress and he says, "I blend!"

  3. It must be reasonably warm on your end; the mere thought of a smoothie right now makes me want to take a hot shower. XD

    Got an ice-cream maker, too? In my house, we make CF ice cream occasionally (lactose intolerance runs in the family) and it's SO good. The main ingredients are soy milk and coconut milk, which are nice and easy to find. It's also easy to invent your own flavors; I made cinnamon ice cream once and loved it.

    ...though somehow nobody else even wanted to try it. ;_;

  4. Corinn,
    The kids miss their ice cream so I'm going to have to try that!



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