Monday, March 28, 2011

That, my friends, is a hamburger!

I was craving a hamburger today. A real wrap your hands around, ketchup running down your face, bun so high you can barely get your mouth around it - hamburger.

Gluten free hamburger buns at the grocery store are very expensive and not very appealing in appearance. I didn't even want to taste them. I had to learn to make my own or go without so I tried my hand at making some today. Gluten free dough doesn't hold it's shape well so I made little tinfoil baking cups and sprayed them with non-stick spray.
Then I filled the cups with the bread recipe I've been using.
After they proofed in a warm moist oven for about an hour, I brushed them with egg white and sprinkled a few sesame seeds on top.
They baked for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.
Then I took them out of the baking tins and let the buns cool.

The egg whites gave them a nice sheen and helped them brown up all pretty like.
I put together a burger with a slice of tomato, some lettuce, bacon, ketchup and mustard and I wrapped my hands around the bountiful burger. Ketchup ran down my face and I smiled.

That, my friends, is a hamburger.


  1. Hey on the subject of son is a manager at Five Guys and he said they do not fry anything in their oil excepet their fries. Their fries are simply fresh cut potatoes, soaked in water until frying time. They also have a dedicated bun grill so no meat and buns are ever on the same grill. They add nothing to the hamburger patties and will gladly wrap them in lettuce leaves instead of buns if you ask. So there's another GFCF choice for you.

  2. Paula,
    How strange that the reason I was craving a burger is that one of my adult kids just told me about Five Guys and how good their fries and burgers were! I thought it was a local restaurant that started in our city but I just looked and saw that it was a chain. I had no idea about their careful practices that would actually allow us to EAT OUT somewhere!! Woo-Hooo! Thanks! ~Kari

  3. Kari-- My son actually started out working at a Five Guys up north, about 2.5 years ago, and the man that owned that store is the man that opened the new store in your city. About a year ago my son transferred to a store down here. Five months ago he was promoted and helped his owner open a brand new store. They are all over and growing. Each new franchise owner has to open FIVE new stores! We love their fries!

  4. Those look REALLY good. They look good enough to deserve one of MY burgers, which is saying a lot...

    My burgers, not to boast, are REALLY good.

  5. Randomly spotted today--a breadmaker that has a GF bread setting. I guess it's not as dumb as it sounds, then? ;-)

    FosterAbba--any chance you'll share your secrets?? All I know to do is add garlic to the meat, and that gets kinda old...



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