Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to Pasta

Pasta, noodles, carbo love
I thought we'd have to give it up
But wheat is not the only thing
that makes a pasta noodle sing
Brown rice and Quinoa are yummy, too
and often even better for you!

Sorry for the dorky poem. I've obviously had more than enough coffee this morning and I'm a little excited about our recent pasta adventures.

I was a Creamette girl. I bought noodles in the same green box for years, never paying any attention to what kind of flour went in to making them. I always shopped for pasta in the same grocery aisle, never even considering that there might be something to try in other sections of the store.

Like the Asian section...
Or the health food section.

*I probably should have taken a picture of the box BEFORE emptying the contents to make this Quinoa pasta and veggies salad...

It was delicious!

I had never ordered noodles online before this, but when two boxes of whole grain brown rice pasta were delivered here yesterday...

...we just had to try them! I made a non-dairy white sauce out of an alternative "milk", vegan "butter" and rice flour to thicken. I added some herbs and garlic and spooned it over the pasta. Bean cut up his chicken and mixed it in with the white sauce and noodles for his own version of Chicken Alfredo. He loved it!

(Yes, that's a piece of bacon wrapped around my chicken tenderloins. I like the flavor when I bake it that way. We definitely aren't vegetarians here.)

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  1. Tinkyada is the best! Thank you for blogging your journey, it's been very encouraging for me to get back on the bandwagon... Err, seriously consider getting back on the bandwagon.



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