Monday, March 28, 2011

Now I'm cooking with ghee!

I had never cooked with (or even heard of) ghee before we started on our GFCF plan. I thought butter was the bees knees until I tried this clarified butter. Now I'm hooked. Ghee doesn't need to be refrigerated so this jar stays in the cupboard by my stove. I use it to sautee veggies or to cook eggs, polenta, etc... Yesterday I sauteed onions and mushrooms to use to top and give an adult touch to the more kid friendly GFCF pasta dish.
The pasta dish was leftover rice penne pasta, sauce and meatballs that I cut up and mixed together for a quick after-church lunch.
Supper was an arm roast with a delicious rub of spices on it, baked potatoes with our fake sour cream, asparagus (per Java's request) and fruit. This plan can be difficult at times when we think fondly back on some of our former favorites (bread, cheese, milk chocolate...) but, as you can see, we aren't suffering. ☺

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  1. A lot of Indian cooking calls for ghee and I think that you can make your own ghee, but I don't know how you would do it for GFCF.

    By the way, you get to have the best chocolate of all-dark is the best one of them all health hwise. Given a choice, I will always pick dark chocolate every time.




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