Thursday, March 24, 2011

GFCF Bread Crumbs

I made my own gluten free bread crumbs when I made meatballs a few weeks ago but I decided to buy a few packages of already prepared GF bread crumbs to have on hand for nights I am not quite as well prepared.

I've used these Schar GF bread crumbs twice now and both times the results were delicious!

The first time was a few nights ago when I made breaded pork chops. Last night I made chicken strips.

I just added a few seasonings to the bread crumbs, dipped the chicken in egg and then in the seasoned breading. (The recipe is on the package.) I baked the chicken strips for about 30 minutes with a little olive oil in the baking dish.

Easy peasy...and really good, too!


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