Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The yellow meal and dessert

I didn't plan tonight's supper well color-wise. The yellow meal. It was good though.

Left to right: Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah, although Venti just called it bird seed) prepared with this recipe, squash, grapes and baked chicken tenders (dipped in coconut milk and coated with crushed corn chips).

For a special treat for the kids we made GFCF ice cream sandwiches with So Delicious vanilla "ice cream" and the chocolate chip cookies I made and froze earlier this week. The "ice cream" is expensive so we thought a few spoonfuls between cookies was a better plan than dishing up a bowl.
The kids said they were great!


  1. Did you like the Quinoa? I love that stuff!! I'll have to try to find my favorite recipe and email it to you :)

  2. Ok Kari, partly due to your influences, I am going gluten-free for at least 6 weeks--trying to see if that will help my chronic lethargy and prevalent illness in the past couple of years. So please keep posting about your meals--a big help!

    I LOVE quinoa--a complete protein!--and have made some really easy and yummy (GF!) dishes with it recently. If you want any ideas, let me know! : ) You can find me on my blog




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