Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School lunches and the Valentines party

Java and Bean will be taking their lunches to school from now on. It's a bit of an adjustment because they typically ate school lunches. In fact, Java cried when she got home yesterday because she couldn't have the Chicken O's that the hot lunch kids had. (In case you haven't had the culinary privilege, Chicken O's are small donut shaped, breaded processed chicken thingies. Blech.)

This is what Java helped me pack for her lunch today. (*We don't typically buy individual packages of anything but we wanted to get the kids on board with the plan so we are doing that for now.)

Juice, potato chips, mandarin oranges, cashews and a ham sandwich made with one of the breadsticks I made last night. After I took this picture she stuck one of the chocolate chip cookies I made in, just in case her class had a snack today. I told her that was a very good plan.

Bean is still going half days this week so for now he just eats when he gets home.

Java came home with candy from their Valentines party yesterday and I paid her 25 cents for each non-GFCF piece. There are actually a lot of candies that they can have but the candy bars are a problem. She asked if she could share her remaining candies with Bean who didn't have a party at school and if I would pay him the same amount of money I paid her, just to be fair. I'm not usually all about the "fair" thing, but I thought it was very kind of her so I agreed. As a bonus, each of them had only half the candy booty, so it was a win-win.

Next candy holiday challenge: Easter.


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