Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classroom snacks

One of the first things Java and Bean's teachers asked me when I told them we were going gluten and casein free is what to do about snacks in the classroom. They don't always know when another child is going to bring birthday snacks for the class and they wanted to have something on hand for those times so my kids wouldn't have to feel left out.

Problem solved. I bought both of these at Target. The fruit strips were $5.99 for 25 snacks and the nut crunch goodies were $2.69 for 6 bars. The kids liked both of them.

I met with a mom last week who has been preparing GFCF meals for over two years. She gave me a lot of helpful information, recipes and even food samples for our family to try! (That's how I found out about the above snacks!) This morning I am making a large batch of her waffle baking mix to keep in my cupboard. I'll make waffles for breakfast and see if they pass the kid test. Expect a waffle post soon.

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  1. Another quick snack you can make is trail mix. Used dried fruits, nuts and some of that Panda cereal and some Puffed Rice.....maybe if there are GFCF candies the kids like, you could add some of those in.

    We're slowly crossing over to GF...not the CF though. We tried the Betty Crocker GF Brownie mix the other day and really like it. Don't know if it's CF though.

    Thanks for the great posts!



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