Monday, February 7, 2011

So many flours...and then a rage

I spent some time finding GFCF products at my local grocery store today and spoke with the very helpful manager of that section of the store. It was overwhelming but he was a wealth of information and he gave me his email address in case I had any more questions. I also talked to several shoppers who were buying these products. One had a son with autism who has done very well on the GFCF diet. She told me how overwhelmed she was at first but promised me it would get easier.

I bought tapioca flour, almond flour, rice flour, millet flour, corn flour, and potato flour. I bought guar gum and xanthan gum, too. I'll need those to bake with. I don't bake with pre-made mixes now and I'm not about to start just because we're going GFCF. We simply can't afford that. I also bought a purse size GFCF product guide. I now know which brands of ketchup are gluten free! Woo Hoo!

After the grocery store I went to the department store and bought a new toaster because you can't toast gluten free bread in a toaster that has been used for regular bread.

My cell phone rang as I was coming home from my little shopping trip. It was Bean's school. He was raging again. It started when Bean tried to correct someone in their home-economics class on how the table should be set. The other student put the place setting back and Bean corrected it. Repeat this scene a few times... and then brain lock. Perseveration. Rage.

He ripped up items, yelled and called people names, threw chairs and tore apart his own shoe. I told him he had to pick up the classroom before we could leave and he did that willingly. Now we'll work out a plan to pay for the new shoes. He's had to replace his shoes after rages at school before. Sigh.

At least I forgot about being overwhelmed in the grocery store today.


  1. He tore his own shoe apart??? Wow. I know proper table settings are important but I that's taking it a bit too far.

  2. Anon,
    At that point it was no longer about the table setting. As dysregulation and then rage increases, cognitive ability decreases. He wasn't thinking any more about the table settings. He was stuck and perseverating.

  3. I never knew you had to use a different toaster!

  4. Oh Kari..what a rough time you are having of it. I know it is huge to make a lifestyle change like you are, but hopefully having a plan to try to help out with rages as described above, will make you feel a bit better.
    To me it would be a bit like me trying to lose weight. I feel like I can look people in the eye and say "Hey, I know I'm overweight, but it's being worked on and soon it will be better." Having a plan has got to be better than putting up your hands and saying there's nothing left to try. I'm hoping and praying that this can be the beginnning of something better. More time in the kitchen, but maybe less time dealing with extreme behaviours.
    God Bless, Suzanne (canada)



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