Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pizza and cookies

We had GFCF pizza last night. It wasn't my regular homemade pizza by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't bad.

The crust was from a mix. Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix. I decided to try it before making my own mix from the various non-wheat flours I bought. We can't really afford to do mixes so next time I'm on my own.

There are several pizza sauces we can use, I just have to read the labels and consult my GFCF shopping guide. The "cheese" is by Daiya and every GFCF blog I've read calls it the best. I have to agree that it was much better than the vegan "cheese" we tried last week.

Next time I'll load up one with veggies and other meats but this time we kept it pretty simple and just had pepperoni (several brands are gluten free).

We made garlic "cheese bread", too. Again, not bad.

I connected with a family in our city who has been GFCF for two years. Their teenage son has Tourettes syndrome and they found that his symptoms were lessened considerably by removing gluten and casein, the proteins found in wheat and dairy foods. I am going to their house next week to try some of the products they like and to learn from this very dedicated mom. She orders products by the case to save money so it will make financial sense to connect with her as well.

We started cleaning out the kitchen last night. We brought a lot of food out to Mocha and Latte's house and I scrubbed some cupboards. I'll finishing cleaning the kitchen today. We added GFCF info to both Java and Bean's IEPs at school and we're closing their school lunch accounts on Monday. (Venti will still be eating lunch at the high school. He'll just have GFCF food at home.)

I want to try making these chocolate chip cookies to pack in the kids' lunches this week. I want them to know we can still have treats. (I hope they're good dunked in almond milk!)


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