Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easing in to the plan

We started easing in to the *plan* this week by trying products and having one meal a day that is GFCF.

(*We're trying to use the word "plan" instead of "diet" with the kids. We've always taught them the strategy of making a plan to have better outcomes, so that's how we're approaching this lifestyle change with them.)

The one GFCF meal a day has been supper. Last night we had beef roast, basmati rice, roasted asparagus, grapes, mandarin oranges and Almond Dream milk. (I made extra rice so we could have it in hot almond / rice milk with sugar and cinnamon in the mornings. The kids might not eat it but I will!)

Tuesday night we had chicken breast, baked polenta with tomato sauce, grapes, and baked cauliflower with garlic and olive oil. Bean has a very strong sense of smell (sensory processing disorders are common with FASD) and always gagged and refused to eat cauliflower in the past but he likes the smell of garlic so he ate some this time! He had raged at school that day so I had him doing some calming activities and one of them was squeezing clove after clove of garlic through the garlic press and then shaking the cauliflower in a bag of garlic and olive oil. The whole house smelled of garlic as the cauliflower baked and Bean, who loves the smell of garlic, was not at all bothered by the smell of that particular vegetable. Woo-hoo!

I haven't tried baking bread yet but I bought a loaf of Udi brand gluten free bread and we've had some of that. I already feel like I've lessened some of my own bread addiction behaviors so this plan might be a good one for me, too!


  1. The French word for diet is "regime" and I've always kind of liked that. It sounds like the shift has already been positive for you as a family. I hope it goes well!

    I've been serving Mara almond milk some and she really likes it, so I'm not surprised it's gone over well with your kids. Your rice addition sounds great!

  2. Thank you for posting specifics on what you are putting together for your meals. We are mainly vegetarian, so when I get up the nerve to go gluten free it won't look like the way you do it, but it is still helpful to see such yummy meals laid out (in words) and esp. because I find we are using more cheese and milk products than perhaps I would prefer, so hearing how you do it without them is so helpful. : )

    So glad it worked out well for Bean!



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