Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Because Linda asked....Poo info

My friend Linda (*) left a comment asking, so I will interrupt this normally appetizing blog for some poo info...

Java has had issues with constipation for years. She's lost bowel control at night with large, hard stools during what we think is seizure activity. I've taken her to see the pediatrician because of rectal bleeding from straining. She has also taken medications for other digestive problems and years of frequent night time vomiting of horrible smelling stomach acid.

The answer to all of these problems was always medication. The answer to her behavioral, learning and chronic immune system issues is always medication. We started thinking a while ago that there had to be a better way...at least for some of the issues she's dealing with.

This article explains how removing cow's milk often resolved children's chronic constipation.

The same blog explains why we were concerned about the acid stomach medications she was prescribed.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are complicated and we may always need some medications but we hope that the GFCF plan will help us eliminate as many as possible for our children.


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