Sunday, February 13, 2011

So much that we CAN eat!

After church the kids fought played lovingly while StarBUCK and I made lunch. I think that's what I'm enjoying most about this GFCF adventure. We're doing it together.

We know it won't always be easy and there are some things that we really like that we're not going to be eating, but we wanted to show the kids this weekend just how much food we can still eat.

We won't be having their favorite McDonalds french fries (there is a debate as to whether or not they are gluten free but do we want to take a chance that some 16 yr old chef did not toss a gluten covered chicken nugget into the fryer?!)... but we can eat something even better at home! Dad's hot, salty homemade potato chips!

Starbuck used the last of our potatoes from the garden for these crispy beauties and they were delicious!
They went perfectly with loose meat sandwiches on whole grain gluten free bread and fresh green beans. (I bought the bread, Udi brand, but I hope to make buns for this meal next time we have it.)
And These GFCF chocolate chip cookies (below) are amazing! They call for tapioca flour, millet flour and rice flour and other than a slightly more complex recipe, I couldn't tell much difference from cookies made with wheat flour. I put a few dozen in the freezer for Java and Bean to take to school for lunch.

We stocked up on fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruits so they would always have something to munch on. We put much of it right out on the counter as a visual reminder that we have PLENTY of delicious options!

That orange book is my best friend right now. I stick it in my purse for shopping trips so I know what brands of products are gluten / casein / soy free. (We are using some soy but trying to limit it when possible.)

The adult kids are coming for supper tonight. It's in the 40s outside (heatwave!) so we're grilling... which means StarBUCK has to dig out the grill that is still buried in several feet of snow on our patio. Stay tuned for pictures.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post but somehow I did. I'm so glad you have that book!! I have one too (I think mine might be older because I'm pretty sure it's pink) but it was SUCH a lifesaver instead of having to read every single ingredient on ever single package!



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