Monday, February 21, 2011

Bite sized steak and finger food potatoes

Tonight's supper was a bite sized, finger food version of steak and potatoes.

The potatoes were sweet potatoes and we cut them up for oven baked fries.
We seasoned them with some olive oil and GFCF taco seasoning. Then we salted them and baked them at 425 degrees for about 45 minutes.

We bought a quarter beef a few months ago and hadn't eaten any of the steak yet so this morning I took out a package of sirloin. The grill is buried in snow (again!) so I cooked it in bite sized kid friendly pieces on the stove top with olive oil, salt and garlic. Java and Bean didn't like it but that just left more for the big folks.

Corn is a lame veggie but it's what Bean chose and he was my meal prep helper tonight. I would have liked to serve a fresh salad with this meal but I didn't have any lettuce and StarBUCK was plowing snow all day. We got at least another foot of the dreaded white stuff and the roads were awful so we just made do with what we had.

Dessert was a bag of Trader Joes Caramel Popcorn that our mentor GFCF family gave us. The kids thought that was the best part of the meal!


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