Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the new year

We rang in the new year with an evening meal consisting entirely of snack foods. The kids loved it. (They, and we, also went to bed long before the new year!)

As you can see from the nutritional info on Lay's Potato Chips and Dutch Gourmet thick cut chips, they are a good snack option for special occasions. So is Angie's Kettle Corn, one of our favorite munchies. Java made dip for the veggies and Bean made dip for the chips. Both were made from our favorite dairy free sour cream, fresh garlic and seasonings. I made GFCF Chex mix and Puppy Chow (made with Enjoy Life chocolate chips) and we had pop, a rare treat.

We ate the leftovers for lunch. Our first supper of the new year will be a winter staple, chili. I browned 2 lbs of ground beef and added these ingredients...
The local food co-op recently had a sale on organic canned beans so I stocked up since they were almost the same price as non-organic. I had sweet peppers left over from our veggie tray last night so I threw those in along with a jalapeno and my favorite chili seasoning from Penzeys.
Bean saw me cutting up all the veggies for the chili and commented that it looked good. A year ago even the smell would have kept him out of the kitchen and eating it would have been out of the question. I can't believe how much his sensory processing issues settled down by our diet change.

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  1. Your chili looks amazing, and it gives me hope! We're still getting lots of negative reactions to the veggies from our sensory child. I trust that it will come with time.

    I love the New Years Eve snack meal idea. The last two containers of the favorite sour cream, one of which we opened on New Years Eve, have been solid, the consistency of their cream cheese, so we skipped the dip. Has yours ever been like that? I was going to call the company and see if it was bad or just a consistency thing. Even if it was okay, it wouldn't have made a good dip!



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