Saturday, January 28, 2012

Junk food lunch- aka The GFCF Corndog!

Junk food. We're eating healthier these days but my kids are still kids and some days a hot dog, something on a stick, or something deep fried just sounds too good to resist. So why not have all three at once? Hot dogs on a stick and deep fried with batter.

Aka The GFCF Corndog.

I refuse to buy nitrate / nitrite loaded, crap filled hot dogs anymore. This kind was $6 so I bought one package and told the kids they could each have one and negotiate with me later for any leftovers. The cost of our healthier way of eating has certainly helped with portion control!

I didn't buy GF hot dog buns ($$) and I didn't feel like baking any today, so I made corn batter using this recipe with a few changes. (*I used my homemade GF flour blend, I didn't have unflavored gelatin so I left that out, and I used almond milk instead of whole milk.)

My 14 year old son said that these were the best corndogs EVER. He's only had hot dogs a handful of times in the past year so it might have been nostalgia talking, but they were pretty good!
Remember all those odd plates I received for Christmas? Here are some of them featuring our junk food lunch!
It was like going to the state fair in the middle of winter!


  1. How fun! I know what you mean about portion control. The cost of organic grain free living is rough.

  2. Please don't take this the wrong way or think that I'm at all saying that you should buy these hotdogs (because all the other things I see on that label are things that I am very supportive of) but there is one thing here that exemplifies my issues with food labeling.
    The celery extract probably gives it just as much nitrite as there would be if they used other sources of nitrite! There was a good doc on CBC this week that talked about bad labeling on food. They caught Maple Leaf foods doing this exact celery/nitrite thing and forcing Maple Leaf to change their product label. It annoys me that because we don't all have the food chemistry/toxicology training, it's hard for us to find out that celery extract is used so that they can say that there are no artificial sources nitrites. I'm a tox student (graduating with my undergrad in a few months! Yay!) so I know of course that natural nitrites are the same thing as artificial ones. The general population doesn't know this and on other food additives as well they know far far less than you do.


  3. Thank you, Louise. I am going to have to research this more because of what I have read on websites like this one -

    Either way, hot dogs will be a rare meal around here! Thanks for the info! ~Kari



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