Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picnics and PANDAS

Picnics and other gatherings with non-GFCF families can be difficult but are an integral part of our family life. This past week we had several social get togethers and I was able to bring fresh fruit, GFCF Rice Krispie bars, plain potato chips, and the above pictured allergen free hot dogs and gluten free hot dog buns. The kids didn't have to stand out as being different because of their diets.

However, Java was exposed to something that has affected her for several days now. She has a rash on her cheeks (both facial and the other ones!) and has had an increase in dysregulated, impulsive, confused and aggressive behaviors.

This isn't her typical reaction but we cultured her for strep because she has PANDAS. The initial 24 hour reading is negative. We'll know the final reading this afternoon. We'll be careful to pay attention to her diet as we try to identify what is going on with her.

In case you are interested, there is an interesting audio interview here about PANDAS.


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