Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh bread, cool kitchen

My friend Dorothy (who is busy moving her large family into a larger house) took time yesterday to deliver a GFCF load of treasures to us! Their family tried the elimination diet for 3 months but the results weren't positive enough to keep going with it so she blessed us with their stash.

The treasure load included a bread machine and some Pamela's GF Bread Mix. I've used the mix but not with a bread machine for two main reasons:

#1- I don't really like bread machine bread. The bottom crust always turned out too thick when I used it for regular bread so I could only imagine how icky gluten free bread would be.

#2- I didn't want to use my old bread machine to try it since it had been used with gluten bread and might still be contaminated (I bought it used).

Last night I decided to try the bread machine recipe for Pamela's mix. It's been hot and humid for a few weeks and it's taken a toll on the oven bread baking activities. Fresh bread without heating up the whole kitchen sounded too good to be true...

...but it was true! The bread was delicious! Even better than the oven version!

StarBUCK and I waited for the kids to go to bed before we sliced in to it, each of us covering a single slice with a thick layer of natural peanut butter and strawberry jelly. So good.

Thank you, Dorothy!

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  1. I will have to admit, it does look good. Sounds better with the peanut butter!

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