Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Detox diet day one and two

On day one of the 10 day detox diet we eliminated all processed sugars, food dyes, meat, fish, poultry, and caffeine. The kids don't drink caffeine so that wasn't an issue for them.

*I am not doing the full detox diet because I don't have the supplement drink powder that was prescribed for the kids, but I'm eating supportively. I'm still drinking my coffee though. Seriously, if you took that away from me right now, very bad things would happen.

Today is day two and we started the supplement detox drink, one scoop twice per day. It was met with some resistance...But the kids helped me make the smoothies and with enough blueberries, bananas and mango juice, the taste was bearable.
Today we added dairy and eggs to the do not eat list. We ditched dairy six months ago so that part was a breeze. I used a replacement for eggs in the GF bread I baked this morning so again, not really an issue.

Tomorrow we eliminate gluten and corn so I told the kids we are half way there already.

I'm supposed to be keeping track of their moods and how they feel physically each day so I'm recording that here...

Java- INTENSE. She is blowing up for every little thing and it takes a lot of energy to keep her regulated. I think it has more to do with the fact that she's been off her regular supplements and probiotics for a week than any change yet from the diet. She did well one to one today helping me with supper and slicing peaches for a snack. This detox diet, other than downing those smoothies a few times a day, probably isn't going to be too difficult for her because her favorite foods are fruits and veggies.

Bean- some whining but overall he's doing well. He wants to do better in school this year and is willing to do this to see if we can get his brain and body working together in a healthy way so that he can do his best. He said yesterday that he was feeling very tired and I could see that, too. He has also been without supplements and probiotics for a week.

We made sure to drink more water today and we took the dog to the dog park to get some fun exercise. We're looking forward to a meatless grilled supper that I'll write about later tonight.


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