Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apple Cake- GFCF and perfect for fall!

We did some school shopping this week so I've been thinking about fall...and that always gets me in a mood for apples. The adult kids are coming over tomorrow after church and I wanted a dessert that would please even the gluten and casein eaters. I think I found it here.

You need a springform pan for this recipe. If you don't have one, you should treat yourself. The sides come off so you don't have to serve the cake from an ugly pan or wreck it while trying to remove it. It's perfect for pretty recipes like this one. Just cover the bottom with parchment paper and you're all set.
I've been buying more organic foods lately...especially the "dirty dozen" foods listed here, which includes apples.

See that sticker on the apple that says it is organic? I learned something recently. That number on the sticker actually means something! You can read more information here but basically you want to look for a five digit number that starts with "9" when shopping for produce. That means it hasn't been genetically altered and it was grown without pesticides.

I told you it was a pretty recipe...even before it is baked!

The house smells wonderful. I can't wait to try it tomorrow!


  1. I want to be one of your gluten and casein eating kids!

  2. That looks SO good! I actually have all of the ingredients in the house, too. Hmm...should I wait to hear what you think of it or should I just go ahead and bake it today? :)

  3. It was very good. I used almond flour instead of the coconut flour but I think it would be good either way. :-)



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