Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gifting the shredded pork

A farming friend gave us a pork butt roast so I made this mouth watering recipe and cooked it in the crock pot overnight. (The linked recipe uses an oven but it works just as well in the crock pot.) I can't even describe how good my house smells this morning.
The secret is in the seasoning that you rub all over the roast.

You use some of this rub to make the brine solution that the roast soaks in for 8 hours. I soaked the pork all day yesterday.

Then I patted it dry and rubbed as much of the seasoning on it as I could make stick.

After cooking overnight I took off the layer of fat, removed the bones, and shredded it with two forks.

I had saved several tablespoons of the rub and I worked it in to the shredded meat.

The sweet, salty and spicy taste is scrumptious.

As much as I am tempted, we aren't having this for lunch today. I'm sending it home with our son in law to share or not to share. It's his birthday.

I'm fixing these bacon wrapped chicken shish kabobs for us to eat today. They're delicious, too!


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