Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneaky source of veggies

Venti was out with friends so I didn't get his opinion, but Java and Bean loved last night's supper. Bean had two BBQ sandwiches and thanked me several times for making them. He said he liked the sweetness of the BBQ meat so after he ate his first sandwich I told him what the secret was...

Along with ketchup and mustard, sweet onions and chopped peppers, there was also creamy butternut squash soup in the BBQ meat mixture. I've started keeping a carton of this in the refrigerator and heating up a mug of it during the day when I might otherwise reach for something not as healthy. It's been a great sweet craving satisfier for me and now it's a sneaky source of veggies for the kids. I win.

Java begged me to buy a watermelon yesterday. Obviously watermelon aren't growing in these parts yet so it's been trucked up from goodness knows where...but it was good. So were the fresh green beans that were most likely on the same truck. The other dish shown is the mac and cheese made with Quinoa shell noodles, almond milk, Earth Balance "butter" and Daiya "cheese". It's one of Java's GFCF favorites.

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  1. Smart AND sneaky--you go, mama.

    I decided the other night to see if I could make Dinner Cookies--they had carrot and zucchini and eggs and walnuts (ok, and choc chips) in them, made with whole wheat flour. Not bad! (And yes, I was serving them to the kids for a surprise dinner, along with fresh veggie slices and popcorn, for a special family movie night) I need to keep experimenting with the recipe and variations, and was thinking a pumpkin base might be fun to try--hey, maybe butternut soup would work! ; ) I wonder if you could figure out a GFCF Dinner cookie! Ours were mildly sweet, but I could see a savory version too, with oats and ham and zucchini. . .



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