Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple and kid pleasin'

Today's lunch had to be quick, easy and kid pleasin'. We've had some recent temptations and the kids needed a little boost. And StarBUCK is sick so my time in the kitchen was not without interruption. Lots of it. This meal was very do-able even with constant interruptions. This is our favorite store bought GFCF barbeque sauce. Sweet Baby Ray's. Mmmm, mmmm, good. The kids especially like it on chunks of chicken. (*Note: the size of the chicken chunk is important...too big and they don't look kid friendly, too small and the little gluten free darlings think they need a bun.) I baked the chunked up chicken until the pieces were just done, then I added the sauce and baked another 10 minutes.
Complete the meal with some Ore Ida Tator Tots (they are GFCF!), ketchup (several brands are GFCF), a pitcher of cold lemonade and strawberries. (Remember: simple and kid pleasin' was the goal for this meal. We'll work a little more nutrition in as we get over this recent hump.) ♥


  1. Last year in May we got coupons that made that type of barbeque sauce free at Kroger (and Meijer I think). If we get them again next month, I'd be more than happy to send you some.

  2. Free would be awesome, Kristin! :-)

  3. ;) Barbeque sauce is one of the things we never pay for, so I'm happy to spread the love around. Besides, I know GFCF is expensive enough!

    Have you tried emailing manufacturers of your favorite stuff to see if they do coupons? I get my best coupons this way. Turkey Hill sent me 12 $1 off coupons last year!



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