Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GFCF whipped topping

I am so excited! I found a delicious substitute for whipped cream! I ordered a case from Amazon and it was just delivered. I had to try it. It whipped up just like cream but it is made from almonds and cashews!
So tonight's supper was a little breakfast-y. And it was goooood.
Gluten free waffles topped with casein free whipped topping. GFCF good eatin'.


  1. It just occurred to me:

    Do your waffles with raspberries or strawberries, and then finely grate a little dark chocolate over your whipped topping sometime. Oooooohhhhhhh, yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. ; )

  2. I know you have struggled with the state of the non-cheese, cheese. I saw this recipe on another blog - have you tried anything like this? I have followed your GFCF journey with such interest since a family member thought they had Celiac and their journey affected us all. I love the spirit in which you have embarked on this. Anyway, just in case this recipe is any good....
    Beth in the City

  3. I am going to keep a closer eye on this blog of yours. KC is planning a luau for his friends this summer. One of them has dairy and soy allergies, and is GFCF. I want to create snacks and appetizers that his friend can choose from that all of us will enjoy. I don't wnat anyone to feel like they stick out. Keep the good recipes flowing! LOL



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