Monday, November 7, 2011

My new favorite squash

I'm kinda boring when it comes to squash. I always choose the acorn variety and I make it the same way every time. First I struggle to cut the thing in half. Then I bake the two halves upside down in a cake pan with about an inch of water. I serve it with ghee (clarified butter) and salt and pepper. It's delicious and I've never had the desire to try anything else. Until recently. I must need a little excitement in my life.
Last week I made spaghetti squash. I stabbed the squash about a dozen times and threw it in the oven whole. The squash was much easier to cut after baking. I scooped out the seeds and shredded the squash with a fork. It is very good with butter and seasonings or tomato sauce. I'll definitely make it again but I've got a new favorite....

Delicata squash! Who knew there was a squash that you didn't need a hatchet to cut?! You simply peel it with a vegetable peeler...and you don't even have to do that because the outer skin is edible!

Cut it in half lengthwise...

...and scoop out the seeds.

Cut into pieces and answer several eager, "Is that CHEESE?!" questions from passing children.

Sautee in some Earth Balance, ghee, or real butter if you do that kind of thing...and add some of your favorite herbs for seasoning.

Add some fresh apple cider and cook until soft. Delicious delicata! It's my new favorite squash.


  1. I've never tired delicata but I like the idea of not risking a finger while trying to hack it in half! It looks really good. What herbs did you use?

  2. I second what Denise said--I have to try that now!

  3. I used the Penzey's spice blend called "Bouquet Garni" (savory, rosemary, thyme, Turkish oregano, basil, dill weed, marjoram, sage and tarragon). I love that blend and use it a lot, especially since my mom bought me a bunch of it on her last trip to the Penzey's store!

  4. Hi Kari-My name is Teri and I've been reading your other blog for several yrs. I have a 7yr old son adopted thru fostercare diagnosed with ARND and would appreciate access to your private blog. Thanks- I miss your humor and info. My email is



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