Sunday, November 6, 2011

At toast to toast!

I haven't had toast in months. I didn't like the way our former GFCF bread toasted and I rarely ate it untoasted. I just learned to live without bread, which is a good thing because I used to be quite addicted.
But the bread I'm making now is good. Not just "good considering it's GFCF", but good. I wanted to try it toasted.

Notice that the bread is nicely shaped this time. (My last post featured a few slices from a loaf that had deflated somewhat after baking but I tweaked the recipe and wa-la!)

I probably shouldn't have eaten part of it before taking a picture but I just couldn't help myself. Is it just me or does this half eaten piece of toast look like the state of Minnesota? Uff da. I should have saved it to sell on e-bay!

(*Remember to have a toaster specifically for gluten free bread if you have gluten eaters in the home. GF bread can be contaminated by a regular bread toaster.)


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