Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pizza- goat cheese and leaves

I spent the day in the kitchen which is probably obvious since I usually post on this blog once a week and this is my 4th post already today! (There's one more coming!)

Venti was with a friend and StarBUCK and Java were helping StarBUCK's parents with a house project, so Bean and I were the only ones home at suppertime. I was making another bunch of GF pizza crusts for the freezer so we made one up for supper. Bean made the sauce. We like to use a can of organic pizza sauce with some EVOO and fresh garlic added to it.

We tried goat cheese once recently and the kids did well with it. We won't do it too often but a little bit on pizza is a special treat. Actually, Java said she prefers her pizza without it.

Goat cheese is less casein-loaded than cow's cheese and can be easier to digest. I used the last little bit of goat cheese tonight. Bean made the obligatory goat sound effects.

I wanted fresh basil on my side so Bean was careful to divide it carefully. No leaves for him, thankyouverymuch.

You can't get something this good delivered in a cardboard box. Mmmmm.


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