Sunday, October 16, 2011

GFCF Banana Bread

I used to make banana bread all the time. I haven't made it since we went gluten and casein free last February. I was a little afraid of what the results might be. Grainy? Heavy? So much depends on the flour mix with GF recipes so when I found a box of King Arthur GF flour mix, I decided banana bread was what I'd splurge and use it in. (It isn't cheap!)

I found this recipe and assembled the ingredients. I always put our too-ripe-to-eat bananas in the freezer, peel and all, to use in smoothies or baking. I peeled the bananas and thawed them for a minute in the microwave.

The recipe called for butter but I used organic Spectrum butter flavored shortening as a casein free alternative.

There was enough batter to do a regular size loaf pan along with a small one.
I took the smaller loaf out of the oven a few minutes before the larger one.

The house smelled wonderful...and it wasn't even from the candle!

Was it good? Yes! Java had 3 pieces of the small loaf before church and begged me to put some in her lunchbox tomorrow!


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