Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Java and Bean take their lunches to school every day. Last year when we started the GFCF diet, Bean said he was being teased at school about his lunches but he hasn't had that problem this year. He seems to understand now why we eat this way so maybe that has helped him deal with the questions from his peers.
Java's lunch typically consists of a salad with fresh greens (she likes spinach!) with ham, organic salad dressing and some toppings.

Bean prefers PB & J. I make a loaf of GFCF bread in the bread machine several times a week and we buy natural peanut butter and organic lower sugar jelly. It's not quite as healthy as Java's main lunch dish, but we do what we can.

Bean often takes tortilla chips with salsa (fresh- whenever I have tomatoes!), and both take a thermos of juice or water and a GFCF homemade cookie, Rice Krispie bar, or other snack.

Sometimes when I've forgotten to make bread, I'll pull a GF pizza crust out of the freezer and make a pizza so the kids can take a few pieces in their lunch.

We do alright if I stay on top of the baking. And that's what I'll be doing today!


  1. What kind of bread machine do you have? I have read complaints that GF bread doesn't work in bread machines. Also, what is your bread flour/recipe?

  2. Hi sfl,
    I have a cookbook with GF recipes for the bread machine but right now I am actually using Pamela's bread mix. It has the recipe on the package for the bread machine version. My bread machine is a regular one without the GF setting.

    The flour mix I usually make up and use for most baking is from the "Cooking for Isaiah" cookbook. I make bread slabs and pizza crust from that all the time. Bread slabs are great for sandwiches. I posted a while ago about those and you can use the search box to find that post if you are interested. ~Kari

  3. Thanks! By the way, did you ultimately decide to go private with your other blog?

  4. sfl,
    I did. If you want to read it, email me at karilovescoffee at hotmail dot com.



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