Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pizza, peppers and a miracle

You're going to think this photo is doctored but it is not. I cut the top off of a pepper that I picked from my garden today and this is what I saw...
My son Bean and his skills worker were both in the kitchen so I have witnesses. I want to advertise it on Ebay but I'm not sure whose likeness it is. Jesus? The Virgin Mary? Elvis?

I couldn't bear to chop up the happy face so I cut that slice off to save and then cut up the rest of the pepper for our GFCF individual pizzas. (Notice the happy pepper in the corner of the picture.)

The pizza crusts were GF tortillas made from Teff flour. I cooked them on stones heated in a 425 degree oven.

My friend Claudia was having a bad night so I brought the peppy pepper to her house and made her smile. Miracles are meant to be shared.


  1. LOVE the Happy Pepper! Pizza looks good, too! :)

  2. What fun!
    I have to go with the just the smiley face and the slogin "Life happens" from Forest Gump.

    You of course can take it as a miracle sign of some kind, perhaps in the I made a good choice to put my family first.... :0)



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