Monday, May 2, 2011

Sundays are hardest for me

Sundays are the days when the GFCF plan is hardest for me. While I made big Sunday dinners at times, it was often my day of rest from kitchen duties. We would either have something simple like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches after church or we'd get a bake at home pizza or a bucket of take out chicken. Our options are limited now and I need to discipline myself to be more planful.

Yesterday I got up early and baked a chocolate cake. It would be served after supper with homemade coconut milk ice cream. StarBUCK took the kids to Sunday school so I could finish getting lunch in the oven. I cut up some red potatoes and carrots and coated them with olive oil and seasonings. (Always check seasonings to be sure they are GFCF. Some are not.) Right before I left for church I put the potatoes and some frozen chicken wings in the oven.

An hour later the house smelled great. I had cut up veggies and fruit on Saturday so a quick dousing of the chicken wings with a GFCF sauce and we were ready for lunch!

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  1. A crockpot is what saves me most days for GF dinners. Or even my latest gadget- an electric pressure cooker for when I plan poorly timewise A little meat, some veggies and I am good for a couple of meals.

    Thanks for the recommendation for Isiah's Cookbook. Loving it and will be trying some recipes soon.



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