Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We broke the addiction

I took Bean and Java out to Chipotle for lunch today. The menu is GFCF except for the flour tortillas, sour cream and cheese. Bean ordered the chicken bowl with fresh salsa.
Java and I split a steak bowl with black beans and fresh salsa.
Java tends to be a sensory seeker and an adventurous eater who will try anything. Bean tends to be a sensory avoider and before going gluten and casein free he had significantly self limited his diet. He did not like spicy foods, hot foods, cold foods, mixed textures or foods with strong smells. If he had his way he would have lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk.

No more! We broke the addiction to what he should NOT have been eating and now he's eating new foods and liking them! (He ate the entire bowl today, most of it at lunch but saved some for an afternoon snack.)


  1. It makes my heart so happy to see you guys all doing so well on GF/CF. Kudos to you Kari, seriously, give yourself a pat on the back!!! It's tough to do but you're doing it on top of all the other millions of things going on. I sincerely admire you :)

    P.S. I totally miss Chipotle! There isn't a single one on this darn island...

  2. we LOVE Chipotle, but have lived in a town without one for years. . . but would make a pitstop at one on our way home from weekends at my husband's parents. I just saw this week there is one opening at our local mall! First reaction--glee. Second reaction--uh, oh. ; ) Talk about addiction--we do not eat out nearly as much as most Americans seem to, but we have started to more this past year. . .

    I echo what Steph says--SO glad for you all!

  3. It is refreshing to see a family continue to move forward when mine seems to be stuck in a very deep rut. I so enjoy your updates, they give me hope.



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