Thursday, May 12, 2011

Traveling GFCF

This isn't the most appetizing picture of a meal but I wanted to write about our experience traveling on the GFCF plan. It isn't easy or affordable to eat out when you are gluten and casein free but some convenience is still possible.

Last night on our trip to Alabama (where I am speaking at a foster and adoption conference), we stopped at a grocery store and bought a plain rotisserie chicken. There were seasoned ones available but I wasn't sure of their GFCF status so we avoided them. Then we bought a few containers of fresh fruit (watermelon and blueberries) and some plain potato chips. Ta-da! A picnic supper!

I had packed a cooler for the car ride with a variety of 100% juices, GF beef sticks, water, fruit cups, and some GFCF baked goods I made before we left home. We brought Java's supplements and her medications and just planned to pick up anything else we needed along the way at grocery stores. So far the trip has gone very well.

We ate out yesterday for a late breakfast / early lunch. We all had hashbrowns, eggs, sausage and fresh fruit. We stopped once along the way so Java could get an order of french fries from McDonalds as a treat. As long as there is a dedicated fryer (just for unbreaded potato products) we can safely order fries at fast food places.

Since removing gluten from her diet, Java is off the two medications she was on for digestive issues. Her respiratory issues have cleared significantly by removing dairy (no pneumonia, no nebulizer treatments, no snot wiped all over her face!) and we're going to try taking her off her long time respiratory medication soon. She is healthier and her behaviors have stabilized. We want to be careful to keep her on this plan and that means we need to do this together.

I'm thankful for that because I feel better, too.

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  1. The diet change seems to be so good for you all! So happy--as one mom to another, just getting your child healthy and off some medications is such a success. : )

    Praying for your safe travel and a good talk!



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