Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick fix supper

Some days, like yesterday, are difficult. Our son in law had a severe headache and after two days he finally went to the doctor. They rushed him to the ER and he was promptly admitted to the hospital. It was slightly lower by the time I got there, but the nurse said his blood pressure was 240/180 at one point. (180 /110 is considered a medical emergency.)

They are doing a lot of tests and we'd appreciate your prayers. I love my son in law. He has a great sense of humor and he puts up with a lot being a member of our family.

Thankfully I was somewhat prepared for a quick fix supper last night. I had roasted 6 chicken breasts to use some time this week. I had also made a large batch of rice (I often make hot rice and almond milk for breakfast.) So I threw the rice and chicken together with some amazing sauce I bought at Whole Foods (Cindy's Kitchen Mango Coconut & Pepper Sauce) and made some broccoli and a fresh spinach salad to go with it.

Before making these changes in our diet, last night would definitely have been a pizza delivery night. I'm glad we're doing things differently now. Health is important.


  1. Is that sauce spicy? We so need some flavor in our meals. My kids are so fussy with flavors. I might try it for at least my husband and me. It's easy to separate something and sauce it up different! :0) It sounds delish. Maybe I can try a homemade version without the pepper. Geez, sometimes a black dot in their food can totally make dinner a nightmare--like visually seeing a spice in the spaghetti sauce we ALWAYS eat.

  2. It is pretty spicy. My 14 yr old son used to have horrible sensory processing issues and he would have totally refused something like this a year ago but he loves it now. It is kind of expensive so I only get it once in a while but it was nice to have it on hand last night!

  3. I don't think there is anything at whole foods that is cheap. haha! BUT their coconut oil is cheaper there than at Festival...



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