Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick fix lunch

I had a crockpot full of ham and beans that I had planned to serve for lunch after church yesterday but the beans weren't quite done. I decided to let them cook for the rest of the day and serve them for supper. So lunch had to be a quick fix.

I whipped up some pancakes and served them with fresh, homemade applesauce. (In the linked recipe for pancakes, I substituted the dry milk powder with a product called DariFree that is potato based.)

We use Earth Balance vegan "butter" as our casein free butter alternative and we like it, so recently I picked up another Earth Balance product. Coconut Spread.

It was delicious on pancakes! It is creamy white and had a mild coconut flavor. A drizzle of pure maple syrup topped off a sweet pancake pina colada!

*Earth Balance has not paid me in any way to review their products. I have no relationship with them other than being a regular, thankful customer since going gluten and casein free.

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  1. Are you kidding me? When did they start making a coconut spread? I need to find that TODAY! I sure hope my store carries it. If so, we'll be having breakfast for dinner tonight!



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