Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pizza, hummus and smores

I didn't buy regular Bisquick when we were eating regular, but I thought I'd try the gluten free version as an option for quick pizza crusts. We tried it last night. We also tried a pizza seasoned hummus. (We've given up on any vegan type cheeses for pizza. Blech.)

Loved the hummus. The GF Bisquick pizza crust? Not so much. We'll stick with our favorite recipe.
Some friends of ours were camping in the area so after supper we brought some smores stuff out to make around their campfire. I didn't have a GFCF chocolate bar so we brought some GFCF chocolate frosting (Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle Classic Chocolate Frosting) to use instead.

The gluten free graham crackers were expensive but good. I found a recipe so I might try to make my own sometime.


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