Thursday, June 16, 2011

GFCF Lasagna - a hit!

Last night I made lasagna, one of my family's favorite meals, for the first time since we went gluten and casein free four months ago. The thought of lasagna without cheese made me sad. Very, very sad. But I found this recipe and I gave it a try. It was a HIT!

I modified the recipe slightly. I didn't use mushrooms even though I love them. I was trying to keep the cost down and hoping to avoid having a certain child perseverate on picking them out. Now if I could just sneak the spinach past him...
The great thing about spinach is that it starts out like a big salad...
...and wilts down to almost nothing.

I picked the first of my fresh basil from our container garden and I breathed in the aroma as I chopped it.

I love the smell of fresh basil. (Cilantro, too. There isn't any in this recipe but I thought I'd share that just in case you stop by someday and catch me sniffing it.)

Now for the tofu. I didn't let the kids see the part where I crumbled it up and squeezed the water out through a dishcloth. I could almost hear the gagging.

I thickened the beaten eggs with my GF flour blend (recipe in the "Cooking for Isaiah" cookbook) instead of the one suggested in the recipe. Again, trying to keep the cost down.

Then I mixed the tofu in. It almost resembled ricotta cheese.


I wondered how it would taste.

The recipe said to partially cook the GF lasagna noodles but I didn't. The box said that boiling wasn't required so I just added a little extra liquid to the hamburger mixture and layered the noodles in dry.

Sauce, tofu, noodles...

Repeat...sauce, tofu, noodles...

Java made coleslaw to go with the meal. The dog stationed himself under her to eat the cabbage that fell to the floor. Cabbage? What a weird dog.

Lasagna and coleslaw. Nobody seemed to miss the garlic bread that once would have accompanied this meal.

I liked the tofu / egg mixture in the lasagna. It wasn't cheese but it added a creamy, cheesy type texture. The added protein and lower calories was a good thing, too!

We'll definitely be making this one again.


  1. What kind of tofu did you use? I only have experience with the silken tofu that I add to smoothies.

  2. It was a medium firm, not silken, tofu. I think the recipe called for soft but I couldn't find a non-silken soft tofu.



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