Sunday, March 4, 2012

Planning meals

One of the first things I did last Monday was to make a supper menu for the week. I have been planning a day or two at a time but my goal is to do this at the beginning of every week. I didn't plan for the weekend meals and as a result supper sneaked up on me last night. This week I'll remember to add the weekend meals! These were last week's meals:

Monday- Chicken, rice, cauliflower & broccoli (roasted with olive oil and sea salt)

Tuesday- Tacos and triple berry crisp for dessert

Wednesday- Salmon, roasted garlic potatoes, roasted asparagus (Java and Bean did not want to try the salmon. I just made sure they each had a source of protein in their bedtime snack. One had peanut butter with an apple and the other had roasted peanuts.)

Thursday- Quinoa Linguine and tomato meat sauce

Friday- Vegetable beef soup (homemade) and gluten free English muffins (purchased)

Our main meal on Sunday is lunch after church and I failed to plan for that, too. Time to take inventory in the kitchen and come up with something!

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  1. (Warning: totally random comment ahead. XD)

    Here's a topic I haven't seen you cover: pet food. Technically Sampson and JB don't need to eat GFCF, but if the kids feed them then it's a good idea, I'm sure--and neither pet NEEDS gluten, either.

    If you do feed them differently than you used to, how hard is that? I know my local butcher shop has GF dog food, and my local pet-food place has... everything (just started the cat on supplemental raw food so he'll gain some weight!) but I seem to live next to food-shopping heaven. XD I honestly didn't know GF flours are hard to find until I went to Seattle...



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