Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GF soft pretzels

Bean asked me to try to make gluten free soft pretzels when he walked past the pretzel place in the mall. I am still learning to work with gluten free dough but I gave it a shot. I used this recipe.
With regular bread the gluten holds the dough together and become smooth and elastic after kneading. You don't knead gluten free dough. It's a very different consistency.

I worked with the balls of dough but they were still kinda lumpy. Rolling them out to twist into the pretzel shape was difficult, too. They tended to fall apart if I worked them too much so I accepted the fact that they were going to be a little lumpy and I baked them.

They won't win any beauty contests...

...but Bean LOVED them and asked if I would make them again soon.


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